Archibald Barisol Davis

Office Mascot

Born is Sheridan, Wyoming on June 30th, 2020, Archibald “Archie” Barisol Davis is our mini Australian Labradoodle. He was named in honor of Dwain Miller, a dear friend and neighbor of Justin and Stephanie’s who passed away in 2018. Dwain welcomed Justin to his monthly poker group back in the mid-2000’s and became a beloved mentor and buddy.

Archie’s official title is Office Mascot for Impact Financial Strategies.

His aliases are Bacon 007 – Secret Agent and Mr. Wiggles.

When Archie is in the office, he is focused on his top two priorities – spreading joy and educating humans on the benefits of pet therapy. He’s a committed employee with a serious work ethic. Occasionally, Archie makes special in-home client appointments which can be scheduled through Stephanie, our Director of WOW. Don’t be fooled if you catch him resting on his doggy couch, playing with his squeaky, blue dragon, or napping in his travel carrier. Those activities are part of his Secret Agent training – a highly sophisticated stealth cuteness.

Archie likes to spend his personal time socializing, expanding his human friendship network, studying dog behavior, and enjoying his hobbies. Those include chasing leaves, eating snow, earning treats by learning new tricks and cuddling on the couch. His favorite treats are dried minnows. Luckily Archie is an equal opportunist with toys and every treat he’s encountered.

Impact Financial Strategies high expectations and standard of service require Archie to continuously improve professionally. We are proud of his progress using the elevator and going above-and-beyond with wiggles and kisses. Archie is a team player and asset. His job duties will expand with his mastery and client needs.