Kristin Whonsetler

Administrative Assistant
Client Service Associate

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Kristin “Kristi” Whonsetler moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2011 after backpacking the Blue Ridge Mountains. She spent 4 months in the mountains with a group of young women learning navigation and survival skills. Kristi fell in love with the intricacies of nature, the brutalities of weather and the intimacy that the silence of a mountain bears.

Kristi earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a focus in Human Development from the University of Arizona. She interned for a life coach in Louisville, Kentucky throughout her schooling years which opened her eyes to the necessity of mentorship in the lives of adolescents. Kristi’s degree enriched her compassion toward others, driving her to ultimately strive to help others along their paths in life.

Prior to joining Impact Financial Strategies, Kristi managed a Starbucks and worked for the company for 7 years. She found that even over a cup of coffee, her excellent logistic skills helped to better the lives of the baristas at her store. She made exceptional strides to bring the district together as a whole through organizing events and book clubs.

In her role as Administrative Assistant, Kristi will be your first point of contact for our office answering phones and emails, preparing and sending spreadsheets for easy and fluid information and communication. She looks forward to helping you accomplish your goals.

Kristi now rears her two young children, Adeline and Lincoln in Fort Collins, Colorado. Adeline an 8 year old equestrian who attends Liberty Common in Fort Collins. Lincoln, 4 years old enjoys the bliss of preschool. She has instilled a love of nature in her children, who are never happier than they are when blazing a trail in the Rocky Mountains.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing. Kristi loves live music! Ask her about her bluegrass roots or her love for jam bands. She also loves to cook using fresh ingredients from her outdoor garden.