Here at Impact Financial Strategies, we believe moments matter more than money. We believe creating moments of impact in your life, your family’s life and your community is what truly gives meaning to your life’s work. Using our distinctive, multi-step process “The IFS Way”, we address the 5 pillars of wealth to give you the confidence and clarity you need to create your own moments of IMPACT.
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From Successful to Significant

A Look Inside the Unique World of Value Creation

Business Planning Pyramid

Value Acceleration Methodology - A Case Study

Decentralized Owner Infographic

Human Capital Case Study

Exit Strategy as a Business Strategy- A Collection of Case Studies from Advisors and Owners

How Intangible Capitals Make or Break a Business

Know Your Gaps

The Impact of Unplanned Consequences on Business Value

Understanding Your Business Value

5- Stages - Infographic

CPWA Core Body of Knowledge - 2022